Digital Footprint

In elementary school we didn’t have much access to computers until about the sixth grade and we did blog posts almost everyday and used the computers for research. We didn’t have much guidance to how we should be showcased online to other people, or what we should share online and what we shouldn’t. To get the students ready for the internet they must understand that anything you put online will be there forever, and that for their future jobs they must be careful of what they post online. If we give the students proper education and tools to use the internet we shouldn’t have to protect them while they create their digital footprint. Here is a website I found that helps you build a lessen plan to teach your children about their digital footprint. Here is also a TED talk from Jon Ronson telling us about how one woman tweeted one wrong thing and it blew back on her, this TED talk would be good to show my class how one tweet or status can change everything.


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