Digital Sleuthing Exercise

Digital Sleuthing Exercise

Name: Samantha Johnson


  • 3rd year Elementary student

Biographical (Age, birthday, location, appearance, etc)

-From Regina

-Birthday: February 11

Personal(Relationships, family, hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc)


Where are they on the web? (social networks, job profiles, etc)

-Twitter: Has two Twitter accounts one professional only a couple tweets, one personal that hasn’t been used since 2010

Based on their digital footprint, what are your overall impressions of this person?

-Not really involved on the internet, very private and professional identity online.(no incriminating photos)

Based on their digital footprint, do you trust this person? Would you hire them? Would you be their friend? why or why not?

-I wouldn’t trust them because there is no personal information so how would you know if they are a computer or not? And I would never trust a person that I knew nothing about. I would bring them in for a interview to find out more about them and see how they act on a one on one bases.

Is this person an oversharer or a undersharer? Why or why not?

-Undersharer, not very much personal information and not to much information about her future.

What advice would you give this person about their digital footprint?

-I would tell them to share more about their personal information and to create more professional websites for future bosses to get a real understanding of who you are and what you stand for.


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