Thoughts on Twitter

From having my own Twitter account I learned a lot about the upsides and the downsides to having Twitter. I do see the upsides to having Twitter in the classroom, like to learn from people all over the world and to follow people who post things that you are interested in. Like I’m following fellow classmates and other teachers that have very useful information for when I get a classroom of my own. Twitter can have a negative affect on classrooms because if the students don’t understand that on the internet there is a lot of information that’s incorrect, they could be leaning incorrect information about the event or individual. I really enjoyed participating in Saskedchat because I had the chance to read other peoples perspectives about technology in the classroom. Saskedchat lets people all cross the world who have the hashtag to participate, which opens my chance at learning something new and to find people to follow who have the same ideas as I do. After this course is over I’m going to participate in Saskedchat to help widen my knowledge about the ever growing education system.


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