Tweeting in School

This week, we were able to work with a partner to create a blog post of a conversation about an online tool, the pros and cons, and the purpose of using it in the classroom. This week, I was partnered with Kelsey Potoma and we talked about Twitter. We decided to take the stand of a concerned parent and a teacher.

We found an app to create a text message conversation, but we first wrote out our conversation on a Google Doc. This helped us be able to have a conversation and have it saved. This helped work out how and what each person wanted to say.

The app used was Texting Story. The messages were created, and then the app records a video. Here is a link to our video of the text messages we created using the app.



Digital Footprint

In elementary school we didn’t have much access to computers until about the sixth grade and we did blog posts almost everyday and used the computers for research. We didn’t have much guidance to how we should be showcased online to other people, or what we should share online and what we shouldn’t. To get the students ready for the internet they must understand that anything you put online will be there forever, and that for their future jobs they must be careful of what they post online. If we give the students proper education and tools to use the internet we shouldn’t have to protect them while they create their digital footprint. Here is a website I found that helps you build a lessen plan to teach your children about their digital footprint. Here is also a TED talk from Jon Ronson telling us about how one woman tweeted one wrong thing and it blew back on her, this TED talk would be good to show my class how one tweet or status can change everything.

Digital Sleuthing Exercise

Digital Sleuthing Exercise

Name: Samantha Johnson


  • 3rd year Elementary student

Biographical (Age, birthday, location, appearance, etc)

-From Regina

-Birthday: February 11

Personal(Relationships, family, hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc)


Where are they on the web? (social networks, job profiles, etc)

-Twitter: Has two Twitter accounts one professional only a couple tweets, one personal that hasn’t been used since 2010

Based on their digital footprint, what are your overall impressions of this person?

-Not really involved on the internet, very private and professional identity online.(no incriminating photos)

Based on their digital footprint, do you trust this person? Would you hire them? Would you be their friend? why or why not?

-I wouldn’t trust them because there is no personal information so how would you know if they are a computer or not? And I would never trust a person that I knew nothing about. I would bring them in for a interview to find out more about them and see how they act on a one on one bases.

Is this person an oversharer or a undersharer? Why or why not?

-Undersharer, not very much personal information and not to much information about her future.

What advice would you give this person about their digital footprint?

-I would tell them to share more about their personal information and to create more professional websites for future bosses to get a real understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

Google Translate

From the list of useful tools I picked to look closely at Google Translate, I never knew that you can translate a document without leaving the page. I this would be a great tool for students in my classroom where English is not their first language, so they can get the best education by being able to try reading the assigned reading in English. Then they are able to quickly translate any unknown word or phrase while they are reading. This is much faster then opening a new page to translate the unknown word or phrase. From the reviews people have posted after using the Google Translate tool they say that the pop up to translate doesn’t work and a couple people say that the translator doesn’t translate 100% correct.

Thoughts on Twitter

From having my own Twitter account I learned a lot about the upsides and the downsides to having Twitter. I do see the upsides to having Twitter in the classroom, like to learn from people all over the world and to follow people who post things that you are interested in. Like I’m following fellow classmates and other teachers that have very useful information for when I get a classroom of my own. Twitter can have a negative affect on classrooms because if the students don’t understand that on the internet there is a lot of information that’s incorrect, they could be leaning incorrect information about the event or individual. I really enjoyed participating in Saskedchat because I had the chance to read other peoples perspectives about technology in the classroom. Saskedchat lets people all cross the world who have the hashtag to participate, which opens my chance at learning something new and to find people to follow who have the same ideas as I do. After this course is over I’m going to participate in Saskedchat to help widen my knowledge about the ever growing education system.

Learing ASL

To begin learning some American Sign Language I started watching a television series called Switched at Birth. The reason I watched this series because it surrounds the deaf community and there is ASL throughout the show. I catch more while I watch other people doing it and in stead of watching video of people sitting there signing this is a fun way to learn some new words. I learned how to sign love, thank-you, will, mom, dad, Dance, too, yes and no. By next week I will add another nine words to my word bank, to be able to get to my goal of keeping a conversation. Look at my video on my Twitter account.

Online Learning

I looked up blogs that had to do with my learning project to help further the information that I can get. My learning project is learning American Sign Language, I found some blogs that have to do with the deaf community. The one blog that I found is called Hearing/ Deafness News from Medical News Today, they don’t post very often but when they do they post about loss of hearing and ways to prevent deafness. The one article they posted was about innovative gene editing method may prevent deafness, which gives me understanding about how they are finding ways to help people. Another blog that I followed is called TED education, I followed this blog because I really enjoy listening to TED talks and they have a lot of great information.