Learing ASL

To begin learning some American Sign Language I started watching a television series called Switched at Birth. The reason I watched this series because it surrounds the deaf community and there is ASL throughout the show. I catch more while I watch other people doing it and in stead of watching video of people sitting there signing this is a fun way to learn some new words. I learned how to sign love, thank-you, will, mom, dad, Dance, too, yes and no. By next week I will add another nine words to my word bank, to be able to get to my goal of keeping a conversation. Look at my video on my Twitter account.


Online Learning

I looked up blogs that had to do with my learning project to help further the information that I can get. My learning project is learning American Sign Language, I found some blogs that have to do with the deaf community. The one blog that I found is called Hearing/ Deafness News from Medical News Today, they don’t post very often but when they do they post about loss of hearing and ways to prevent deafness. The one article they posted was about innovative gene editing method may prevent deafness, which gives me understanding about how they are finding ways to help people. Another blog that I followed is called TED education, I followed this blog because I really enjoy listening to TED talks and they have a lot of great information.


My Story


Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed going camping with the 49th scouting group here in Regina. I’ve been part of this group starting as a beaver which is the group for the youngest and going all the way to becoming a leader. My parents also enrolled me in jazz, tap and baton for seven years and also I’ve been bowling since I was five. I love animals and in my house I have a small farm with two dogs, a cat, a bunny, a hamsters and fish. In elementary we did blogs from grade five until grade eight, I really enjoyed doing this everyday because it late me express myself in better ways and I was easier to edit then handwriting. Then in university there are more classes that need a blog and have many readings online which are accessible and free. These are my experiences with educational technology there are not many but hopefully teachers will introduce more technology into classrooms. I really enjoy blogging and being able to connect to other readings and placing pictures into your writing, which is magical. I was very happy when a class for the university had me create a blog because I can have this blog for a while and write about my education and teaching styles.